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Our latest review from, second time around, Kerry

“This is my second pregnancy and as before I have found the bellyband system with groin straps invaluable in allowing me to continue my daily life as vulva varicose veins threatened to render me unable to stand for more than 5 minutes at a time. I am so glad this product exists as I do not know how I would cope with the 2 year old and pregnancy symptoms this time around without it’s support. Thanks Bellyband!”

Don’t suffer unnecessary discomfort, Babybellyband really does help!!

Womens edge

“Babybellyband offers this brilliant support band for the abdomen and groin, which is just what every women need during pregnancy. The abdominal band is adjustable to meet your particular needs, so you can get the relief you need on hip, abdominal, or lumbar strain. This means that exercising should not be a problem even if you’re dealing with your baby bump.
There’s also a compression groin band that can be attached and adjusted to the abdominal band, and this works for various conditions including edema, prolapsed uterus, diastasis pubis, SPD, vulvar varicosities, and other pains. Most importantly, we like how it’s easy to wear and remove for maximum convenience”

Carrie B

During my last pregnancy, I developed a femoral hernia. As time went on the weight of the baby made it impossible for me to stand for more than a couple of minutes without serious discomfort. In desperation I searched the internet for a support that would help relieve the pain, and I found Babybellyband. As soon as I put it on the pain relief was instant. My backache and the pain from the hernia disappeared, it was 100% relief. I would recommend the Babybellyband to anyone who is pregnant!