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Postpartum Hip Change

Postpartum hip change is real. Changes happen during pregnancy as the body, in particular the pelvis and hips, is designed to accommodate a growing baby and deliver the child nine months later. However some of these changes are still with you once the baby has arrived

During pregnancy the hormone, Relaxin, is released to help relax the pelvic joints and ligaments as well as soften the cervix. The pelvic area  then loosens and expands to allow the  baby to be delivered. The area most affected by Relaxin is the Symphysis Pubis and Sacroiliac Joints.

This can cause problems during pregnancy known as Symphysis Pubis Disorder, which can be very painful and debilitating. Many women find the Babybellyband provides immediate relief and helps then to continue with their everyday lives.

However some women may need help with their bodies recovery postpartum. The result of Relaxin can mean wider hips after pregnancy and childbirth in general can leave you needing support for the first few weeks.

There are many products on the market to help with these problems but many are cumbersome, difficult to fit and in some cases time consuming. Babybellyband fits  discreetly under your clothing

Babybellyband is a simple effective solution for support both prenatal and postpartum, eliminating the cost of two products.