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BABYBELLYBAND MATERNITY SUPPORT BELT – ABDOMINAL BANDback-pain-300x180The Babybellyband Support System provides help and relief  for many conditions that occur through pregnancy but what about postpartum?

The Babybellyband Abdominal Band is proven to aid the body’s recovery and healing. This is also the case following a c-section.

You may also find continuing to use the Groin Bands helpful during this period.

Exercise is important throughout pregnancy and many of our ladies use Babybellyband to give them the confidence and support to stay fit. Again using Babybellyband, for recommended postpartum exercise,  has proven beneficial effect.


Breech births (the instance where a baby is born either feet or bottom first) are a relatively rare occurrence, as around three per cent of babies remain in a ‘breech’ position until the end of the pregnancy.

While attempts are often made to turn the baby around, more often than not, due to potential complications, breech pregnancies result in a caesarean section.
There are risks attached to delivering breech babies both by c-section and vaginally .
But members of the medical community have said not only is the latter possible, but, with the right support, it’s also an important choice for a woman to have.
From c-sections to home births, birth photographer and mum-of-four, Karyn Loftesness has documented many different types of delivery and aims to both educate and empower with her beautiful images.
And last year, for the first time, she witnessed the natural breech birth of baby Silas. The resulting images are graphic, but as Karyn writes on her website :
“We feel strongly that they need to be shared to help spread knowledge and awareness about the normalcy and safety of breech birth with a skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced provider.” (Daily Mirror)

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Babybellyband UK and Europe New Website

Welcome to the Babybellyband Support System new website and blog. We hope you will enjoy the experience of  looking through the information and videos to help you have a comfortable and safe pregnancy.


If Back Pain, Hernia’s, Round Ligament Pain or Pelvic discomfort is  holding you back. Babybellyband Support System can help relieve all these conditions and more, including post caesarian healing. You don’t want to miss out on all the fun the holidays can bring.

The Babybellyband support system is discreet and comfortable even under the lightest of outerwear. We look forward to all your feed back and questions on the Babybellyband Support System.