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Pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain (PGP) or symphysis pubis dysfunction(SPD)

PGP isn’t harmful to your baby, but it can be painful and make it hard to get around

Women with PGP may feel pain –

over the pubic bone at the front in the centre, roughly level with your hips

across one or both sides of your lower back

in the area between your vagina and anus (perineum)

spreading to your thighs

when walking up and down stairs

standing on one leg, maybe when getting dressed

moving your legs apart, for example getting out of a car

The Babybellyband Support System has proven results to give instant relief from this

Pregnant lady unable to go out due to pain from Pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain (PGP) or symphysis pubis dysfunction(SPD)
Pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain (PGP) or symphysis pubis dysfunction(SPD) doesn’t have to mean you are trapped!

Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Hi Bev

Thank you again for your amazing customer service and support. I bought the Babybellyband with groin straps and shoulder straps at 25 weeks pregnant after being diagnosed with Pelvic Organ Prolapse and finding the symptoms increasingly uncomfortable.

Iv’e worn the band with groin straps every day since, not all day as my physiotherapist recommended periods without it to ensure my pelvic floor isn’t so reliant on it, it gives up completely! I wear it cooking, doing housework, out and about, etc. and it is honestly the difference between being able to function or not, I don’t know how I’d have managed without it, standing for any period of time without it on is so uncomfortable. It’s even been ok with the summer we’ve had, a little sweaty on the super hot days, but washes well and dries quickly so can have it ready again for the next day easily. I haven’t worn the shoulder straps yet but think I will this week (now 36 weeks) and I will use it for as long as I need to in the postnatal period too, so it has been absolutely worth the money, and then some.


The service I have received has been second to none also, I found it online on a Friday and despite there being issues with paying on the website Bev did everything to resolve the issue and ensured it was in the post for me to arrive the next morning (a Saturday) because I had a wedding to go to. I’m a size 12 and have found the Large to be just right.

Thank you again,



New Year, New Baby, New Babybellyband

New Year, New Baby?
The Babybellyband Support System can support you every step of the way. Initially supporting your body as it changes. Add the groin bands and shoulder straps as your baby grows.
The Babybellyband Support System is suggested to relieve pain caused by abdominal strain, back pain, sciatica, sacroliliac joint dysfunction (SI Joint pain), pelvic floor pressure, diastasis recti, inguinal, femoral, abdominal, and umbilical hernias, pubic symphysis dysfunction (PSD), round ligament strain or varicosities, uterine or vaginal prolapse, pendulous abdomen, pubic and perineal edema, lordosis, lymphodema, or post surgical compression.
Whether this is your first or sixth baby, the weight of pregnancy adds strain to your back and abdominal muscles, and increases pressure on the pelvic floor. If you are a feeling discomfort, a working mum on your feet for long hours, a pregnant mum continuing an exercise regimen, have twin or multiple pregnancy, or lifting children, the added support provided by the Babybellyband and accessories gives you the extra relief you need and deserve.
Don’t forget to continue using the Babybellyband once baby has arrived. if you are using a baby carrier or sling it can give your back the extra support as your body recovers from pregnancy. Wear it while you exercise too!!

Abdominal Support Band with Compression Therapy Groin Bands

Hernia Compression Therapy

Many pregnant women are shocked when told they have developed a hernia. Keeping fit and maintaining a healthy weight does not always prevent a hernia from developing.

There are many types of hernia but the most common in pregnancy are:

  • Inguinal hernia

    . This occurs when part of your bowel squeezes through your lower abdomen into the groin.

  • Femoral hernia

    Happens when fatty tissue or a part of the bowel pushes through into the groin at the top of the inner thigh

  • Umbilical hernia

    When fatty tissue or a part of the bowel pushes through the abdomen close to your belly button (navel)

Due to the obvious risks doctors are reluctant to perform surgery during pregnancy and there advice may be to “put up with it” or some may suggest hernia compression therapy.

Using the Babybellyband System for relief from hernia’s in pregnancy has been known to prevent the need for surgery, post partum.

Its gentle, but effective, support makes it the obvious choice for use during pregnancy and beyond

Therapy Compression Groin Bands

Postpartum Hip Change

Postpartum hip change is real. Changes happen during pregnancy as the body, in particular the pelvis and hips, is designed to accommodate a growing baby and deliver the child nine months later. However some of these changes are still with you once the baby has arrived

During pregnancy the hormone, Relaxin, is released to help relax the pelvic joints and ligaments as well as soften the cervix. The pelvic area  then loosens and expands to allow the  baby to be delivered. The area most affected by Relaxin is the Symphysis Pubis and Sacroiliac Joints.

This can cause problems during pregnancy known as Symphysis Pubis Disorder, which can be very painful and debilitating. Many women find the Babybellyband provides immediate relief and helps then to continue with their everyday lives.

However some women may need help with their bodies recovery postpartum. The result of Relaxin can mean wider hips after pregnancy and childbirth in general can leave you needing support for the first few weeks.

There are many products on the market to help with these problems but many are cumbersome, difficult to fit and in some cases time consuming. Babybellyband fits  discreetly under your clothing

Babybellyband is a simple effective solution for support both prenatal and postpartum, eliminating the cost of two products.

Pregnancy and family life

Pregnancy, although wonderful, can be all consuming. Despite your best efforts it can be difficult to manage your other childrens needs.
if the doctor told you to rest, due to back pain, in your first pregnancy you probably could. If the doctor tells you to rest with other little ones to attend to, forget it!!
The thought of a new brother or sister may be exciting but they need you to hold their hands, give them cuddles and play just the same.
Pain in pregnancy has to be managed be it from back pain, SPD, vulvar varicosities or hernias in their many guises (inguinal. Femoral. Umbilical) diastasis recti is another problem that can arise during pregnancy.
The Babybellyband Support System is easy and comfortable to wear and can help you continue with family life.
There are times when saying “No” to a little one is necessary, however, the Babybellyband can help you say “yes” when it really matters

Nature’s similarities

Have you ever really looked closely when you cut an apple or an onion in half?. Or maybe studied certain flowers as they open?

A varied selection of flowers, fruits and vegetables can be so easily compared to the vagina in its many appearances.

Take a look next time you cut into some fruit or buy a bunch of flowers. Take a quick picture and send it to us. we would love to see it.


Helpful ideas to reduce morning sickness symptoms

Here are a few ideas you can put in to practice to minimise unpleasant morning sickness symptoms:

1) Get plenty of rest

A pregnant woman resting

You must ensure you get a good night´s sleep – wear a sleep mask, or even dark glasses, to block out as much light as possible. You might also consider a maternity body pillow that will properly help you support your back and stomach.

Sometimes taking naps during the day may help.

Avoid moving around straight after eating.

2) Get up slowly

Don’t be in a hurry to get out of bed when you wake up. Take your time.

3) Avoid some types of foods

Avoid fatty and/or spicy foods. Avoid caffeine as well.

4) Food portion sizes – have small ones.

It is important to always have some kind of food in your stomach, as this will lower your chances of experiencing nausea – and if you do, most likely symptoms will be milder. If the stomach is empty, the acids have nothing to workon, except for the stomach lining, resulting in worsening nausea.

A selection of fruits

Have some salty crackers, peanut butter snacks, or some other protein snack before you get out of bed in the morning.

At breakfast, cold apple sauce, pears, bananas or any citrus fruit will help you feel satisfied early. Baked potatoes, although, less tasty for many, are highly nutritious. The fruit’s potassium may help prevent morning sickness. At night, try eating something high in protein snack/meal before going to bed, as this will help regulate your blood-glucose levels.

5) Avoid computer monitor flicker

The rapid, almost unnoticeable flickering of the computer monitor could cause morning sickness. If you are susceptible to morning sickness due to monitor flicker, try to avoid using a computer completely. If you must, you should adjust the screen by making the fonts bold and larger and changing the background to a soft tan or pink color – this will help reduce eye strain.

6) Be physically active

Some mothers may find it hard to move around if they feel lousy. However, being physically active has been found to improve symptoms in many people.

7) Ensure good fluid intake

Being hydrated is crucial for good health, and very important during pregnancy. Some mothers with morning sickness may not feel like consuming their recommended eight glasses of water per day, especially if their stomachs seem not to let them. However, the more dehydrated you are, the more nauseated you will become.

If drinking water is hard, try adding apple cider vinegar and honey. Some mothers say flat Sprite helps, or decaffeinated cola. Sucking ice cubes made from water or fruit juice is also an effective method. The colder the drink, the easier it is to consume

8) Ginger

A glass mug of ginger tea

For many years, ginger has long been publicized as a stomach soother, and studies have shown that it may help relieve nausea symptoms. Sipping cold ginger ale, or adding a slice of raw ginger to water or tea may help sooth your stomach.

Snacks such as gingerbread, or ginger cookies will all effectively help prevent nausea.