New Year, New Baby, New Babybellyband

New Year, New Baby?
The Babybellyband Support System can support you every step of the way. Initially supporting your body as it changes. Add the groin bands and shoulder straps as your baby grows.
The Babybellyband Support System is suggested to relieve pain caused by abdominal strain, back pain, sciatica, sacroliliac joint dysfunction (SI Joint pain), pelvic floor pressure, diastasis recti, inguinal, femoral, abdominal, and umbilical hernias, pubic symphysis dysfunction (PSD), round ligament strain or varicosities, uterine or vaginal prolapse, pendulous abdomen, pubic and perineal edema, lordosis, lymphodema, or post surgical compression.
Whether this is your first or sixth baby, the weight of pregnancy adds strain to your back and abdominal muscles, and increases pressure on the pelvic floor. If you are a feeling discomfort, a working mum on your feet for long hours, a pregnant mum continuing an exercise regimen, have twin or multiple pregnancy, or lifting children, the added support provided by the Babybellyband and accessories gives you the extra relief you need and deserve.
Don’t forget to continue using the Babybellyband once baby has arrived. if you are using a baby carrier or sling it can give your back the extra support as your body recovers from pregnancy. Wear it while you exercise too!!

Abdominal Support Band with Compression Therapy Groin Bands