Pregnancy and family life

Pregnancy, although wonderful, can be all consuming. Despite your best efforts it can be difficult to manage your other childrens needs.
if the doctor told you to rest, due to back pain, in your first pregnancy you probably could. If the doctor tells you to rest with other little ones to attend to, forget it!!
The thought of a new brother or sister may be exciting but they need you to hold their hands, give them cuddles and play just the same.
Pain in pregnancy has to be managed be it from back pain, SPD, vulvar varicosities or hernias in their many guises (inguinal. Femoral. Umbilical) diastasis recti is another problem that can arise during pregnancy.
The Babybellyband Support System is easy and comfortable to wear and can help you continue with family life.
There are times when saying “No” to a little one is necessary, however, the Babybellyband can help you say “yes” when it really matters