Pregnancy Support in Bed

Pregnancy support in bed

Getting a good night’s sleep when you’re pregnant can be difficult but there are ways to help.  If you are using a pregnancy support belt during the day, it is worth considering wearing it at night.

The benefits include helping to  decrease lower back pain, reduce pressure on the bladder, increase circulation and decrease swelling.

Whilst some maternity belts are designed to lift the belly, others provide comfortable compression and additional support.

The Babybellyband Support System provides it all.

Overall comfort will contribute to a better nights sleep

Wearing a maternity belt will not harm your baby or cause any issues to you in bed. If you feel you need the added support give it a try.  If you find that it is too uncomfortable, considerate wearing it for a couple hours in the evening before bed, and that might help alleviate the pain you are experiencing during the night. If your concerns continue however it is worth seeking professional advice.

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