5 Reasons for wearing the Babybellyband

1. Belly bands help decrease your pain.

Back and joint pain during pregnancy can be frustrating and make it difficult to participate in everyday activities. A study in Spine Journal investigated the prevalence of back and pelvic pain during pregnancy. They found that 71 percent of women report low back pain and 65 percent report pelvic girdle pain. Belly bands can be worn during pregnancy to help support your lower back and baby bump during activities, which may result in decreased pain overall.

Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Pain

SI joint pain also frequently occurs during pregnancy as a result of the increase of relaxin, an appropriately named hormone that causes the hip joints to become loose and less stable.

It’s a sharp and sometimes excruciating pain in the lower back adjacent to the tailbone. Belly bands and braces that support this region help stabilize the joint, which may prevent pain during activities.

Round Ligament Pain

This occurs during the second trimester and is yet another annoying pain of pregnancy. It’s described as anything from a dull ache to a sharp pain on the front of the hip and below the belly. Caused by the extra weight and pressure on the ligaments that support the growing uterus, it’s a temporary but sometimes unbearable problem! Belly bands help distribute the weight of the baby across the back and abdomen, which may help relieve the pressure on the round ligaments and reduce pain.

2. Belly bands provide gentle compression during activities.

Ever go for a run without a sports bra? Sounds awful, right? The same principle applies to a growing baby bump. Gentle compression of a belly band can help support the uterus and reduce discomfort from movement during physical activity. A word of caution: Too much compression on the abdomen can impair circulation, and it can cause negative effects on blood pressure. It can also contribute to heartburn and indigestion.

3. They provide external cues for posture.

Belly bands provide external cues to your body to facilitate proper posture. By supporting the lower back and torso, belly bands encourage correct posture and prevent overextension of the lower back. The typical “sway back” appearance of pregnancy is due to the extra weight being carried in front of the body in combination with the stretching and weakening of key core muscles that support the spine.

4. They allow you to engage comfortably in daily activities.

Exercise during pregnancy has many positive health benefits. A study in Current Reviews in Musculoskeletal Medicine indicates that prenatal exercise has a positive effect on health.

Exercise increases muscle tone and endurance and decreases the incidence of hypertension, depression, and diabetes. Many women are unable to exercise or continue working during pregnancy due to pain and discomfort. Wearing a belly band can help decrease discomfort and allow participation in daily activities, resulting in physical and financial benefits.

5. They can be worn after pregnancy for support.

Decreased core strength is common in the weeks following birth. Muscles and ligaments that were stretched and strained during pregnancy require time to heal. Weakness combined with the demanding job of caring for a newborn can be challenging and lead to injuries.

Many women find that wearing a belly band postpartum provides additional support to the abdomen and lower back, decreasing discomfort. A belly band can be beneficial to women who have experienced a separation of the abdominal muscles (diastasis recti) by physically bringing the abdominal muscles back together. Combined with specific exercises, this may assist in closing the gap between the abdominal muscles.

Remember, a belly band is a temporary fix. It does not heal the underlying condition or dysfunction. By supporting the abdomen, it can “turn off” the muscles underneath, causing increased weakness long term.pregnancybellyband_a

“The single most worthwhile purchase of my pregnancy to date”

This is a wonderful endorsement for our Babybellyband, from Kerry, one of our latest customers.

I am currently 33 weeks pregnant. I’ve only had the support for a couple of days but it has already made a tremendous difference to the quality of my life. Prior to having the band and support straps I was really struggling with intimate swelling and finding it impossible to get comfortable sitting or standing. Moving about also a painful experience. I started maternity leave earlier than I’d originally planned as it was getting unmanageable. I was dreading spending the remainder of my pregnancy immobile and in such discomfort.

In desperation I went to the GP and was diagnosed with vulvar varicoses. With research I stumbled upon the bellyband and groin support and with Bev’s reassurance and advice took the plunge and purchased it.
It arrived the next day and when I put it on I felt immediate relief.

With the groin support I have been able to do all my normal daily activities again. I still need to have rest periods but whereas by the end of the day I was collapsed on the sofa in agony I now can sit and enjoy a cup of tea and watch a bit of telly to unwind! Infact this morning I had enough energy to want to go to the gym for a bit to do some gentle exercises,  something I’ve been really missing. I’m now really looking forward to the next few weeks of maternity leave before baby comes since the bellyband and groin support have given me back my independence so I am physically able to make the most of the time to get bit and pieces prepared.

I spoke with my GP about this support and she had never heard of such a thing but said that physiologically it makes sense since you would treat varicose veins in the legs with compression stockings. The compression helps hugely and the system is completely adjustable and customisable to your needs for a perfect fit. It doesn’t look that attractive but it’s actually pretty comfortable to wear considering. Also I’ve worn it under a pair of maternity leggings and it’s barely noticeable.

I cannot thank Bev enough for her help and would recommend anyone with dreaded vulvar varicoses to spend the money. It has been the single most worthwhile purchase of my pregnancy to date.