Belly Wrapping After Pregnancy

The tradition of postpartum belly wrapping is quite common in other countries, but not so much in the Western World. Some people are quite sceptical about the idea but many new mums swear by it.

Some say that it is actually cruel, to a new mother, not to wrap their belly after having a baby. Once you deliver a baby you have organs that are loose and needing to get back in place. Not to mention all the extra skin you have in your tummy. The concept behind tummy wrapping is that it helps shrink your flabby skin, as well as put your organs back in their proper place faster. The Babybellyband is particularly helpful following a C-Section

BABYBELLYBAND MATERNITY SUPPORT BELT – ABDOMINAL BANDBabybellyband (despite the name) has also helped in the healing for non pregnancy related surgery.