Babybellyband  Support System 

The Babybellyband Pregnancy and Hernia Support System (Inguinal Hernia, Diastasis Recti, Round Ligament Pain)

Babybellyband exercise sequence
Designed to provide immediate relief on the body from a growing
baby, but also provides relief for non-pregnancy related hernias.

Expectant Mothers Benefit Hugely from using Babybellyband.

  • It provides immediate support and relieves discomfort as your baby grows, giving you the freedom and confidence to enjoy your pregnancy and to get on with your daily life, whether that be in the workplace, at home, doing the school-run or out and about with friends.

Material Used

  • Made from a medically approved fabric the system is discreet and easy to fit.
  • Comprising of an abdominal band for initial abdominal and back support.
  • Shoulder straps for extra support as your baby grows and groin bands to relieve pressure on your lower body.

Talk to the Professionals

Doctors and Midwives have been very impressed having seen the benefits of Babybellyband for pregnant women and their patients. Please do ask your Doctor or Midwife for further advice and guidance. We are confident you and your growing baby will benefit hugely from the Babybellyband Support System which can be used from your 1st through to your 3rd trimester and can even help post-pregnancy.

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